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A divorce is like a storm. Some are more like a strong thunderstorm, while others are more akin to a hurricane or tsunami. They’re all tough, but some are certainly more extreme than others. Everyone should have an attorney who can think fast on her or his feet, but also has integrity andcompassion. It’s especially vital when your divorce is more like a tsunami. Mariann helped navigateme through the divorce process and fought for me and my son. I’m lucky to be able to c all her a friend.


Mariann was extremely helpful to the mediation process. She was honest, fair, and non judgmental. My experience with her made a painful situation easier to get through. I have and will continue to recommend her to others who find themsel ves in a position where mediation is an option.


After 20 years of marriage I was completely broken having to face a divorce. I went to 4 different attorneys with a girlfriend who acted as my eyes and ears to help me since my head was still spinning. I felt I could not make a good call on my own. Peter stood out from the rest to both me and my friend!

He was compassionate and put no pressure on me to move forward, in fact he encouraged me to try to work it out between me and my ex if we could. I took his advice and unfortunately I could not get through to my ex, so I hired Peter. Between him and his staff (Jen is the best) they not only handled my divorce but were a huge support for me during this horrible time in my life. I would highly recommend Peter! Not only will you get a great attorney, you will also gain a great friend!

-Julie Y.

I retained Peter Laemers after he was highly recommended by another attorney. It was the best choice I made for my case. Peter and his staff helped me through every step of my divorce, which turned into a lengthy and difficult process. He was genuinely committed to protect both my and my children’s best interest. Anytime I had questions or concerns, Peter provided reliable and informed answers and recommendations.

Over the course of the 6 years I have relied on Peter to represent me, he and his staff have become more than just my attorneys, I now consider them close friends. Their compassion and sincere concern for their clients accompanied with their professionalism, knowledge and experience sets Peter and his office apart from every other attorney.

-John S.

Over the course of the three years I needed representation, the Law Office of Peter J. Laemers definitely put two myths to rest; one being that the only people that make out in a divorce are the lawyers and the courts; and the second is that I would be left with nothing and forced to work multiple jobs to make unreasonable alimony and child support payments.

I still remember my first court date and the Judge repeatedly stating “denied without prejudice” to all of my ex-wife’s excessive demands. That was made possible by the extensive knowledge of Peter Laemers. Peter and his team became more then my legal team. They became friends where I knew as much about their families as theyknew about mine; again something I never expected when I came knocking on Peter’s door.

In January 2016, we were scheduled to begin trial but still discussing settlement. I admit I was worried, I never though settling was possible. But after discussing settlement terms with the other attorney, Peter came into the room with his usual smile and explained the offer.

I was shocked as he negotiated a better settlement than I could ever dream of; no alimony and a lowered child support payment I could actually afford. I should have known Peter never gives up. And he did it all by not taking advantage of me and my desperate situation and actually charging fees that I could well afford. I had to call his assistant, Jennifer, a few days after the final hearing just to make sure that nothing was left out of the final bill and to mak e sure my three year nightmarewas really over.

- Bill C.

I initially choose the Law Office of Peter J. Laemers simply because of its location to where I was living at the time. This turned out to be one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made. I had recently become separated from my husband and was in need of legal advice along with a lot of emotional support. Peter’s office offered me both of these qualities from the very first moment that I walked into his office. Peter, along Jennifer, Peter’s paralegal, all handled my divorce with the utmost professionalism while still showing that they cared about me as a person.

Through each and every step of the process, they were there to explain it all to me, multiple times if necessary, assuring me that it would all turn out alright, and they were right, it did. About five months after my divorce was finalized, I was in need of legal advice once again. I called the office to find out if they could help me with the closing of a house that I was hoping to purchase. Sure enough, that was handled exactly the same way my divorce was, and I am now living happily in my own home.

-Laura A.

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